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We offer all the strategic support to transform an idea into a successful product, by providing cosmetics production with full-service formula, from the conception of the product to its promotion. We will follow you in every development phase: dedicated to the marketing of the product. We carefully evaluate competing products and market trends regarding the positioning of your product. We support you, if necessary, in the development of the idea or in the definition of the cosmetic line, by the following steps: 

The heart of our activity is research, applied to the formulation study of the ideal cosmetic for the characteristics of the skin. The experience accumulated over the years allows us to guarantee the highest quality and seriousness in the development of cosmetic lines for the care and beauty. We can provide specific formulation studies for the needs of each customer, and it is Made in Italy quality in the production of cosmetics for third parties to create innovative cosmetic lines.
We carefully select the best raw materials, and the best manufacturing premises among our huge network of 500 premises in Italy guaranteeing you high quality, innovation, and product efficacy, offering certifiable lines. We develop the formula of your product with professionalism and confidentiality. We produce and package the finished product, checking its stability and safety.
We evaluate its effectiveness and / or select research organizations or institutes for specific certifications. We keep a constant update on European and extra-European regulations. We can produce the documentation necessary for marketing.
Our commitment is to find specific packaging that enhances the quality and beauty of the product in its entirety while preserving its stability to the maximum.
We help our customer to create the Brand and develop the graphic layout of primary and secondary packaging up to the execution of printing. We can supply the product complete with labels or silkscreened
We support our customers with professionalism and experience, in promoting the product at special events, such as fairs or presentations and their sales force.