Dermaliscio Philosophy
When we look into the mirror or out into the world in the morning, what do we see? Beauty. At Dermalicsio, we believe beauty is everywhere if one is brave enough to claim it.


Beauty goes beyond just the physical. It is the sensation when your fingers breeze through your healthy hair, it is the thrill when you wear our waterproof mascara on a long hike, it is the cool feeling when you wash your face with our natural products. Beauty is the spark in each of us waiting to be ignited and Dermalicsio is the match.


Our aim as a brand is to empower you to shine genuinely and achieve your own inner and outer beauty. Every person is a unique canvas. Throughout our lives, we paint our canvasses with our favorite colors and, at the end of the day, each one of us paints their own story. Dermalicsio’s products bestow upon you the colours and tools to paint your canvas. Our products come in three separate families: hair care, makeup and skin care.


Why is our brand different? Women and men across history have used their minds and spirits to spark new thoughts. It is time to encourage and cherish women and men to do the same today. Our brand invites people to embrace their individual as a whole. Because we know that no two people lead the same life. There are those that wake up with big eyes on small bodies looking up at them, those who wake up at 5 am to go watch the sunrise with friends, those who wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and, of course, those who fall asleep at a desk on piles of paper. We dare you to define your context rather than be defined by it.


Our philosophy is revolutionary— we want people to be their own sun shining fearlessly. Of course, no sun is born over night. We embark on a journey with our customers through four stages: Thrill, Challenge, Triumph and Pride.


Thrill: the thrill and excitement of breaking free of the changes of modern beauty institutions. No cosmetics company up to date has given the customer the power to create his or her style, and offered him or her safe healthy ways to do so.


Challenge: Just like when a baby first learns to walk, he or she now has the challenge and responsibility to decide in which direction to go. This is where we come in with multiple options of everything from different hair type hair therapy treatments to various shades of foundation. We want our customers to be able to choose, love and cherish their makeup among other products the way they do their morning coffee or tea. It is the greatest challenge of all for someone to create themselves, or as we put it paint their canvas, because there is no right and wrong. There is just you.


Triumph: Your canvas is painted, of course there is always potential for you to paint more, but you’ve done it. You’ve created your basis. You are shining.

Pride: The overwhelming flow of your shine through your body and on to the world— pride is a feeling you get when you use our products. A feeling of strength and beauty. At this point, you have made your mark, no matter how small, in the continuation of history. You have dared to take control and define beauty for yourself.

Dermalicsio wants to take you on an adventure of happiness and laughter where you cherish your skin, hair and face, because at the end of the day, you are going to spend a lifetime with it, so make it yours!